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May General Meeting
Sunday, May 17,
 2015 (Note date!) at 7p.m.
Grady Planetarium, South Mountain Headquarters


High Resolution Spectroscopy for Education & Research with a 0.6-meter Telescope.

Featuring Phill Reed, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Planetarium/Observatory Director
Kutztown University


 The Kutztown University Observatory (KUO) operates a robotic 0.6-meter RC telescope that is equipped with a high-precision multicolor photometry system and a fiber-fed echelle spectrograph. Recent work at KUO includes an international collaboration to study the pulsations of the variable star V473 Lyr, which is the only Cepheid variable known to show amplitude variations of a Blazhko-like effect (long-period modulations). KUO has also been working to detect new extrasolar planets in orbit around some of the hottest and brightest host stars as a follow-up observatory for the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT) Project. The latest ongoing work at KUO is the new campaign to observe bright interacting Algols (binary stars undergoing mass flow between them), in order to create Doppler tomograms (indirect images) of their mass transfer streams and the resulting circumstellar disks that develop. Continuous observations from the dedicated observatory will monitor the disks as they develop, disappear, redevelop, etc., and interact with the stars' magnetic fields.



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Founded in 1957, the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society (LVAAS) is one of the oldest continuously-operating amateur astronomy organizations in the U.S. The mission of LVAAS is to promote the study of Astronomy and to maintain a meeting space, observatories, and a planetarium.

LVAAS operates two astronomy sites: The South Mountain site in Salisbury Township is the headquarters of the Society. It has a planetarium with a Spitz A3P projector, a 21 foot dome, meeting space, the Red Shift store, library, workshop space, and three observatories. The Pulpit Rock site near Hamburg is LVAAS's members-only dark sky site. At 1600 feet above sea level, the site features five observatories and a pad for member's scopes.

Members who receive training on the scopes may obtain keys to the observatories. LVAAS also maintains a rental "fleet" of telescopes that members may rent at low cost. Members also receive access to The Observer, our online newsletter, as well as reduced subscription prices to Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine. If you want to learn more about astronomy and LVAAS, please join us at our next public star party.


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